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After a person's death, his or her estate must be administered in a process known as probate. This is a court-supervised process that involves verifying the wills and trusts, settling the deceased person's debts, gathering and distributing property as directed by the wills and trusts, and other issues. If no wills or trusts are available, property will be distributed according to Minnesota statutory guidelines.

In Minnesota, the person appointed by the court to probate the estate is the personal representative (sometimes referred to as the "PR" or "executor"). In many cases the personal representative of the estate is a close friend or relative of the person who has passed away. Personal representatives are not typically legal professionals, and the probate process, particularly if it involves sales of property, setting up a testamentary trust or preparation of tax returns, can be daunting to them. The Minnesota probate attorneys at the law firm of Grannis & Hauge, P.A., represent personal representatives and guide them during this sometimes complex process.

Dealing With Probate Disputes? Our Attorneys Can Help.

In some cases, disputes will arise during the probate process that need to be resolved before the estate can be settled. When a trust has been established there can be disputes among beneficiaries, or between beneficiaries and trustees. These disputes can be raised over the validity of a will or trust, over the contents of a will or trust, over the personal representative's or trustee's performance of his or her duties and many other issues. Our attorneys have extensive experience handling these and many other types of estate litigation issues.

We represent clients on all sides of these cases. Whether you are a beneficiary or other interested party who feels that you were treated unfairly in the will, or a personal representative or trustee needing to defend against claims of misconduct, we provide the dedicated representation you need.

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